A speech of cake
A speech of cake / Peggy Richie Peggy Richie is a coach and trainer in Public Speaking, specialising in Mindset and Creating Impact. She has coached many international business managers successfully. Public Speaking is Peggy’s passion. That’s why it is so inspiring to attend one of her speeches. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Her philosophy is that ‘everyone can be a successful speaker’, and she sets out to help those who doubt themselves. Over the years she has demonstrated this extensively!

“I have had the privilege of meeting quite a few brilliant people during my career as a speaker’s coach. Sometimes I was blown away, even intimidated, by their business skills and way of communicating. However, when some of them were confronted with an audience, speaking in public, that strong business person seemed to vanish. The self-assured eloquence and determination seemed to disappear, just by adding a few extra people in the room.

I am proud to be able to say that I can help my coachees ‘find themselves’ on stage. I am convinced that everyone has the capability to be a confident public speaker: you just have to get rid of the obstacles in your way. Helping you remove those obstacles, so that you can release the stage performer in you, is my goal.

This book is not another tool kit for presentation skills, do’s and don’ts on non-verbal behaviour or tone of voice. My story is about how you remain yourself whilst at the same time be a successful speaker!”

Peggy Richie

2012 / 9789090287432
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