Poetry Trojkolka
Poetry Trojkolka / Wouter Leistra

*** A couple of years ago I discovered my need to express my emotions in another way. Shortly thereafter, I found myself writing my first poem and that actually felt good. It felt like I was writing my emotions off my back. I was able to translate the bigger emotions in life, like love and loneliness into the written rhymes of poetry. Many people, often without knowing it, inspired me to write my poetry. It was not long until I was experiencing the joy and relaxing possibilities of playing with words, often triggered by everyday life occasions or the drama in movies or music.

You might be wondering why a Dutch guy such as myself, uses a foreign language in his little poetry bundle. Well, when I started to write my poems in 2004 it quickly became clear that I could better express myself in the English language. But from time to time I could not withhold myself to write a poem in my native language Dutch.

2008 / ISBN 9789085703372/ paperback / 100 pagina's

People from outside the Netherlands or non-native Dutch speakers, this book can be ordered directly through the email (info@boekenbent.com). Please state in the email the following details: "Poetry Trojkolka" (ISBN: 97890-8570-337-2), your first name, surname and address (of delivery).
All applicable bank charges will be charged to the customer.

Hier kunt u een recensie van mijn gedichtenbundel vinden: http://www.boekengek.com/boeken-recensie-Wouter-Leistra-Poetry-Trojkolka.html Here you can find a review of my poetry bundle: http://www.boekengek.com/boeken-recensie-Wouter-Leistra-Poetry-Trojkolka.html ...

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