Anchoring  heaven on earth
Anchoring heaven on earth / Marie Josee Smulders
8 Attitudes to Embody Feminine Leadership

In every word and action Marie Josee shines the radiance of the feminine. In her presence it feels like a gentle breeze of grace and welcomeness that blows. That is how Marie Josee leads as an example in our lives. The eight attitudes elaborated in this book are levers to unlock more fully your infinite Human Potential. They are very personal yet universal. Each day, thousands across the globe use these levers to develop themselves. Marie Josee lives and breathes the essence of these eight attitudes. Thank you Marie Josee” ~ Sujith Ravindran & Mark Vandeneijnde, Founders of BEING AT FULL POTENTIAL

Marie Josee surrenders into the abundance that is available to all. She feels that wherever we are, the flowers are already around us! She likes to say that embodying the eight attitudes described in this book has brought her feminine-wholeness by expressing her desires, sharing vulnerability and living her sensuality. Holding her inner smile, anchoring heaven on earth. Gratefully being and living the gift, trust, passion, creativity, love, joy, wisdom, sacredness and full potential. She invites us to simply relax and slow down into our natural being, trusting in life, breathing love and living our soul-path with grace and pride.

The artwork in this book was created by Vanessa Jane Smith, ( whose work un-taps and revives the creative in all organisations. “The qualities and values of the feminine are the qualities and values of the artist. Today more than ever, the artist (& the feminine) in us all is being called forth to address the imbalance we have created globally. Artists are visionary; artists are remembrance; artists bring us back to our humanness. We are all artists!” - Vanessa Jane Smith

2019 | ISBN 9781775319740 | Paperback | 182 Pages with artwork in full color.
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