United for Life
United for Life / Willem Lingeman

Willem & Helen Lingeman
United for Life

Never in human history has there been so much confusion about marriage, divorce and remarriage.
Even among Christians, the divorce rate equals that of the secular world. Divorce leaves indelible marks on all involved, but especially so on children. They go through life with lingering feelings of distress. This is especially difficult when they are on the threshold of adulthood.
Members of church congregations, elders, deacons and ministers often stand by helplessly, unsure of what to do. Some are even part of the problem or are 'pressured' from within and without the church to fit in with the spirit of the age.

We hope and pray that this book will be a blessing not only to those who find themselves in difficult mamarital situations, but also to members of church congregations, elders and deacons, pastoral counselors, and ministers. It is an excellent tool for personal as well as group study, such as Bible classes and catechism.
This book is also highly recommended for future couples.
Marriage has been designed by God to be a reflection of the relationship between the Lord Jesus and His Church.

There is hope in restoring broken marriages!

'United for Life' is an indispensable recource for anyone desiring to know what the scriptures teach about divorce and remarriage! May the Lord use this book to open many blind eyes and deaf ears to the truth of His Word regarding this most important issue facing the Church and the world today! This book is very captivating from start to finish, and it's thrilling to know the Lord will use it to set many captives free!! If it even saves one soul it will have been worth it, but I'm sure it will bear much fruit!
Judy Zevenbergen, Canada

Seventy years ago this call wouldn't be necessary, all Christians knew that marriage only is ended by death of the spouse. I am so grateful for this light in Europe
Lulu Renteria de Terrones, Mexico

Much to think about. Although questions remain, 'United for Life' deserves to be widely distributed among Christians
Ir. Kees Fieggen, teaches biology and gives Bible classes in the Netherlands

'United for Life' points out to us what is written in God's Word about the intention of marriage. It is a serious appeal and a clear guide. 'Tolle lege!' ('Take and read!') Jan Rein de Wit, chief editor of "Weet Magazine" thé Dutch non-specialist Christian journal

ABOUT THE AUTHOR After his forestry education and job as a ranger, Willem Lingeman has been a criminal investigator for the last fifteen years. He has been working with the central government of the Netherlands for over 35 years, upholding nature en (international) nature conservation laws. Willem is a member of the Board for the International Shell Museum 'Creature Shell Foundation' at Utrecht (the Netherlands). Together with his wife and their son he makes and hosts several programmes on local radio stations. The Gospel message is the central theme.

2015 | 9789462038417 | Paperback
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