Headwind / Laxmi\'s Story
Headwind / Alice Anna Verheij
Laxmi's Story

Alice Anna Verheij (50) is a Dutch writer, filmmaker, photographer and journalist. In 2010 she debuted with her Dutch language novel ‘Eén latte, een cappu en een espresso’. A thriller about three western women, battling a gang of international traffickers in Kathmandu and Amsterdam.

In 2011 she worked on the HEADWIND project, shining a light on the situation of the exiles from Bhutan. A country that is falsely positioned as the last Shangri-La. In reality however, Bhutan exiled nearly one sixth of its population. An ethnic cleansing of unseen proportions in modern time. In spite of a third country resettlement program by the UNHCR, many of these exiles still live in camps in Nepal in dire traits. More than half of them now live in diaspora. They have no hope of returning to Bhutan.

Headwind, Laxmi's Story is a compelling novel about a young woman who was resettled to the Netherlands and in retrospective tells about her life in the refugee-camps in the east of Nepal. And about the resettlement that gave her a new life in the west. She as and almost impossible love for her low caste boyfriend who went to the United States. This fictional story is based on real life events and gives an insight in the lives and challenges of exiles and refugees who go through a culture clash when given a chance on a new future.

This novel is the second part of the cross-media project ‘Headwind’ which is kindly supported by the Empowerment Foundation of the Netherlands and the Bhutan Media Society.

2012 / 9789462031166 / Paperback / 304 pages
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