Ritter P. Gunnarson / Unchronology***

In his own unique and comical way, upcoming writer Ritter P. Gunnarson has written this collection of twelve short stories about a Dwarf (Marcus), an Elf (Romion), and two Humans (Allia and Gilmar) that have to work together to tackle their way through their adventure. Keep in mind though that, in this case, the term 'work together' should be read in the broadest possible terms... and it does not always end well.

Each of these stories has the exact same basis: A group of four adventurers have arrived at a dungeon. And yes, it is the same dungeon in each of the stories. However, the interesting twist is that each story starts off with a unique set of details, which makes all of them a solid stand-alone story without resembling one another. Ritter P. Gunnarson has managed to work out this concept without resorting to self-plagiarism in any of the stories.

Still sounds like it is basically the same story twelve times? In that case, prepare to be surprised... and possibly even amazed.

2010 / ISBN 9789085706564 / paperback / 140 pagina's
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