Pommy and Penny from Romania

Pommy and Penny from Romania / Kyte***

This is a book to read to pre-schoolers and starting readers.
Pommy and Penny…

Reality Redefined

V.S. Scholze / Reality Redefined

A poet speaks.

Behind his
the poet
tries to capture
his worlds.

This worlds
are the entities
of his

All that
is the being
of the…

25&25 and a couple of pounds more

Lydia Muijen - 25&25 and a couple of pounds more

Lydia Muijen has worked and lived both in the US and…

Memories of a broken heart

Memories of a broken heart / Randy Flohr

Engelse gedichten door Randy Flohr

2008 / ISBN 9789085703303/ paperback / 84…

Poetry Trojkolka

Poetry Trojkolka / Wouter Leistra

*** A couple of years ago I discovered my need to express my emotions in another way. Shortly…

Prophetic Evangelism

Sieberen Voordewind / Prophetic Evangelism***

This book describes how anyone can proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, in the…


OSSERVATORE AMERICANA / Ferdinand G. Geuther***

A paperback filled with compact and lighthearted written observations made during trips in the USA.…

Murder on the Rocks

Murder on the Rocks / Sherry Gallagher

Murder on the Rocks – Felly van Vliet Mystery

Felicia van Vliet (Felly)…


Ritter P. Gunnarson / Unchronology***

In his own unique and comical way, upcoming writer Ritter P. Gunnarson has written this collection of…

United for Life

United for Life / Willem Lingeman

Willem & Helen Lingeman
United for Life

Never in human history has there…

Butterflies do...!

Peggy Arduin / Butterflies do...!

Wanneer ik naar de bomen kijk op straat dan denk ik hoe kunnen ze zo sterk…

Ghalia's diary

Ghalia's diary / Elisabeth Janssen

Diary of an Arabian Saluki Princess living in the Netherlands.

Ghalia accounts of her day to day…


INDISCHIANA JONES I en II (Per set) / Ferry Geuther***

The unknown history of a peaceful adventurous…

Arada & Doromanekia

Arada & Doromanekia / Dimitrios P. Kalogeropoulos***

“Arada & Doromanekia” is a well documented book about Ethiopa and life in Ethiopia,…

Headwind / Laxmi's Story

Headwind / Alice Anna Verheij
Laxmi's Story

Alice Anna Verheij (50) is a Dutch writer, filmmaker, photographer and journalist. In 2010 she…

The slow fall

Corry Stoel / The slow fall

Kelly always stepped into her airplane with complete self-confidence, because she knows she can…

A Geologist's Life in the 'Tristes Tropiques'

A Geologist's Life in the 'Tristes Tropiques' / Ewoud Bon

In 1960 a Dutch tin-mining company called Billiton became aware that…

A speech of cake

A speech of cake / Peggy Richie Peggy Richie is a coach and trainer in Public Speaking, specialising in Mindset…

Oranjebloesem en kruidenbitter

'Oranjebloesem en kruidenbitter', levensschetsen van een model
'Sweet blossom and bitter herbs', sketches of my life as a model


Unforgotten / Eveline van de Putte & Alice Anna Verheij

Images from the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal

Between 1990 and 1992…

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