United for Life

United for Life / Willem Lingeman

Willem & Helen Lingeman
United for Life

Never in human history has there…


Unforgotten / Eveline van de Putte & Alice Anna Verheij

Images from the Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal

Between 1990 and 1992…


Ritter P. Gunnarson / Unchronology***

In his own unique and comical way, upcoming writer Ritter P. Gunnarson has written this collection of…

The slow fall

Corry Stoel / The slow fall

Kelly always stepped into her airplane with complete self-confidence, because she knows she can…

Reality Redefined

V.S. Scholze / Reality Redefined

A poet speaks.

Behind his
the poet
tries to capture
his worlds.

This worlds
are the entities
of his

All that
is the being
of the…

Prophetic Evangelism

Sieberen Voordewind / Prophetic Evangelism***

This book describes how anyone can proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, in the…

Pommy and Penny from Romania

Pommy and Penny from Romania / Kyte***

This is a book to read to pre-schoolers and starting readers.
Pommy and Penny…

Poetry Trojkolka

Poetry Trojkolka / Wouter Leistra

*** A couple of years ago I discovered my need to express my emotions in another way. Shortly…


OSSERVATORE AMERICANA / Ferdinand G. Geuther***

A paperback filled with compact and lighthearted written observations made during trips in the USA.…

Oranjebloesem en kruidenbitter

'Oranjebloesem en kruidenbitter', levensschetsen van een model
'Sweet blossom and bitter herbs', sketches of my life as a model

Murder on the Rocks

Murder on the Rocks / Sherry Gallagher

Murder on the Rocks – Felly van Vliet Mystery

Felicia van Vliet (Felly)…

Memories of a broken heart

Memories of a broken heart / Randy Flohr

Engelse gedichten door Randy Flohr

2008 / ISBN 9789085703303/ paperback / 84…


INDISCHIANA JONES I en II (Per set) / Ferry Geuther***

The unknown history of a peaceful adventurous…

Headwind / Laxmi's Story

Headwind / Alice Anna Verheij
Laxmi's Story

Alice Anna Verheij (50) is a Dutch writer, filmmaker, photographer and journalist. In 2010 she…

Ghalia's diary

Ghalia's diary / Elisabeth Janssen

Diary of an Arabian Saluki Princess living in the Netherlands.

Ghalia accounts of her day to day…

Floral art without flower / How to create an abstract objects

Nicole Kruimel-Rosselle / Floral art without flowers. How to create an abstract object.

This book gives insight in inspiration…

Chinese natural medicine and Himalaya qi gong/ philosophy and pr

Chinese natural medicine and Himalaya qi gong/ philosophy and practise in Europe / Alex Wu

This book is of interest…

Butterflies do...!

Peggy Arduin / Butterflies do...!

Wanneer ik naar de bomen kijk op straat dan denk ik hoe kunnen ze zo sterk…

Arada & Doromanekia

Arada & Doromanekia / Dimitrios P. Kalogeropoulos***

“Arada & Doromanekia” is a well documented book about Ethiopa and life in Ethiopia,…

A speech of cake

A speech of cake / Peggy Richie Peggy Richie is a coach and trainer in Public Speaking, specialising in Mindset…

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